Welcome back for another edition of Photo Friday.  Our Mombasa team will be traveling to western Kenya next week so this will be our last Photo Friday  update from Mombasa for about a month.  But, don’t fear! Photo Friday will continue from western Kenya and Uganda. Now, on to this week’s favorite photos…

From Uganda:

photo 1

About 45 minutes away from Kaihura there are lots of crater lakes left over from old volcanic activity. On Tuesday, for my birthday, some friends and I spent the day at one such crater lake. I love days at the lake, they are always filled with beautiful scenery and great friends.

photo 2

The posters you see in the classrooms of Ugandan primary schools are always interesting to me. They often depict a wide variety of concepts; the life cycle of a cockroach, different modes of transportation, types of birds, and in this photo, things used to clean the body. I was most surprised by the inclusion of a razor blade and safety pin. My confusion was lifted when I spoke to one of the school teachers and they explained that razor blades are used for trimming your nails (yikes), and a safety pin is used for removing jiggers (jiggers are little bugs that live in the dust and burrow into the bottom of your feet). So there you have it, a complete guide to hygiene in Uganda.

From Kenya:

BC Blog 2

Earlier this week, while working with our volunteers, we were able to distribute 65 pairs of glasses that we had made for the individuals that came to have their eyes checked during our optometry clinics at Blessed Camp as well as in the Mombasa slums.

Thanks for joining us again.  Have a great weekend!