This week I had the opportunity to see “behind the curtain” at Lighthouse for Christ Eye Center. Lighthouse for Christ is the eye center we have partnered with for all of our optometry outreaches in Mombasa. The staff has been wonderful to work with and truly have a passion to serve.

I began wearing glasses when I was six, but up until this point I had never seen how lenses were cut and fitted into frames. Nicholas, who has been with Lighthouse for Christ for quite a while, took the time to show me around and explain how the different machines work. I felt like a elementary student on a class field trip.

This week Paulina is working alongside Lighthouse’s team as they cut and prepare the glasses that will be distributed next week. Next week will be exciting as people receive their glasses and can see clearly for the first time in years! We praise God for this opportunity.

Lighthouse 3

Paulina with the Lighthouse for Christ team

Lighthouse 1

Nicholas fitting lenses into frames

Lighthouse 2Paulina’s hard at work!