Hello, once again from Kaihura. It is wonderful to be able to write again. We have had quite a challenging last couple of weeks. First off, Katie and Paulina got malaria. Then Kolby and myself had malaria as well. (Kolby also had typhoid.) Kim didn’t want to be left out of the fun so she picked up typhoid. I am pleased to say that everyone is back to normal now except Kolby. He is still slowly on the mend.

To add to the excitement this past Saturday we lost our passports, computer, etc. (sound familiar?), but all thanks be to God, everything was returned to us on Sunday!

Also, Kim and Paulina are now back home after spending 2 months with us. We thoroughly enjoyed having them here and seeing God use and grow them over their time in Kenya and Uganda.

On Monday morning we had the opportunity to journey deep into the village (nearly and hours motorcycle drive each way) to dedicate and hand over a new well in the village of Kyente. Well ceremonies are always an exciting experience. Bringing clean water to a community that has never had it before is incredible. We are thrilled and honored to be a part of providing something so valuable to so many communities. God is good!

Kyente 1 copy

George, the local water engineer, is testing the clean water!

Kyente 3 copy

Prossy, from Bringing Hope, along with George, shared with the community the importance of keeping their new well area clean.

Welcome to another Photo Friday from Uganda!

photo 1

Our two KTA volunteers Kim and Paulina are headed home today. Kim to America, and Paulina to Mexico. It has been so great to have them in both Kenya and Uganda. Paulina has held eye clinics all over East Africa and has been able to provide many people with glasses and clearer vision, and Kim has taught crochet classes to help provide income generating skills to women and girls. We are sad to see them leave, but so thankful for their time here with us.

photo 2

Thursday we were all invited to attend the introduction of two of Kaihura’s finest: Monica and Stephen. In Uganda an introduction is a ceremony held before a wedding, that is very traditional, and often more culturally important than an actual wedding. We are very happy for Monica and Stephen and wish them the very best!

Thanks for joining us and we’ll see you next week!

Hello everyone, here’s a few of our favorite photos of the week!

From Uganda:

photo 1

It’s been a few weeks since I had taken a long boda ride, but this week Katie and I shared a boda out to New Hope Vocational School for Kim’s first crochet lesson. It was a fun ride with beautiful views and good company.

photo 2

Paulina does a great job running the optometry clinics, but sometimes she needs a little help. Yesterday Kolby was her assistant and manned the eye chart.


Action Ministry’s director, Peter, had the opportunity to preach last Sunday in Kaihura while visiting Bringng hope to the Family.

boda boda

Yesterday our volunteer Kim took a boda boda out to Kyongera Farm to teach the girls at New Hope Vocational School how to crochet. Our hope is that by learning to crochet and create handcrafts these girls will be able to generate another source of income for themselves.

photo 2

When we got to the farm about 26 girls were ready and waiting to learn! They just learned the three basic stitches during their first class, but by the end many of the girls sat with piles of crocheted rows in their laps.

photo 4

We are so thankful for our volunteers who give of their time to pour into others, and equally excited to see what the New Hope girls will learn in their upcoming classes!

photo 3

photo 5

Last Wednesday, Peter (of Action Ministry) accompanied us to Kaihura, Uganda to visit Bringing Hope to the Family. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to have Peter visit Bringing Hope, to meet their staff and see all of their various projects. Also, one of the most important things was to provide Faith and Peter the time to share their hearts and vision with each other.

As Peter boarded the bus today to head back to Kenya, he left with many new ideas and possibilities to pray about and to consider. We look forward to seeing what will come from this trip once Peter returns to Mombasa and shares his experiences with the rest of his staff. We want to thank everyone who contributed to this vision trip for Peter. I am positive this trip has made quite an impact on Peter and in time on Action Ministry as well.

IMG_2007 copyFaith and Peter together for the first time!

Peter Staff Fellowship copyPeter sharing his story at Bringing Hope to the Family’s staff meeting.