Last Wednesday, Peter (of Action Ministry) accompanied us to Kaihura, Uganda to visit Bringing Hope to the Family. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to have Peter visit Bringing Hope, to meet their staff and see all of their various projects. Also, one of the most important things was to provide Faith and Peter the time to share their hearts and vision with each other.

As Peter boarded the bus today to head back to Kenya, he left with many new ideas and possibilities to pray about and to consider. We look forward to seeing what will come from this trip once Peter returns to Mombasa and shares his experiences with the rest of his staff. We want to thank everyone who contributed to this vision trip for Peter. I am positive this trip has made quite an impact on Peter and in time on Action Ministry as well.

IMG_2007 copyFaith and Peter together for the first time!

Peter Staff Fellowship copyPeter sharing his story at Bringing Hope to the Family’s staff meeting.