Today I want to introduce you to a sweet little girl named Deborah and share how God is working in her life. Deborah is the daughter of Chairman, who is one of the head staff members of Action Ministry. Deborah is almost 5 years old and has cerebral palsy. Chairman and his wife, Bina Boro, have been struggling to provide Deborah with the education and special care she needs. Thanks to wonderful donors we were able to raise funding to cover an entire year of schooling for Deborah at a special needs school in Mombasa.

Last Thursday we went with Chairman and his family to visit Deborah at her school and see the facility first hand. We were wonderfully surprised to see the level of care that is being provided for these children. The children are split into “grades” and learn to count, speak, understand their surroundings and community, as well as, receiving physical therapy each day. As they progress they learn to make crafts and sew. One of the school’s goals is to prepare these students to be integrated into standard schools if and when possible. This school was able to integrate 3 students into standard schools last year.

When Deborah first started attending this school she wasn’t able to use her right arm, but now she is able to pick things up and shake hands using her right arm. Chairman and Bina Boro are thrilled with Deborah’s progress.

We praise God for the opportunity to help Deborah, Chairman and his family.

DSC_8516Chairman, Bina Boro, Deborah (glasses), her brother and fellow classmate.

DSC_8525Learning tools.


DSC_8535Family photo in front of the school.