This past week Action Ministry hired a new tailoring instructor as they prepare to launch their new tailoring training course for ladies within Blessed Camp. Mary, their new instructor, is busy creating lesson plans and will be meeting with the women in the community over the next couple of weeks to see which ladies are interested in joining the first course.

Action Ministry is excited to provide an opportunity for members of Blessed Camp to learn skills that will allow them to earn an income with which they can better provide for their families. Currently many of the members of the community, mainly the leprosy victims, travel about an hour away to Mombasa town where they spend several days begging on the streets. Providing them with skills that will allow them to earn an income will not only bring in money, but will hopefully bring a sense of accomplishment and empowerment to those involved as well.

We can’t wait to see what comes from this new endeavor!

DSC_8663Mary in Action Ministry’s tailoring classroom.

DSC_8668Mary, Nancy (Peter’s wife) and Katie are excited to see this ministry get off the ground!