As many of you might recall from older posts, we have been helping Action Ministry assist one of Blessed Camp’s residents named Rose.  Rose is an ex-leprosy patient. Though her leprosy has been cured she still lives with the effects of leprosy. Back in January Rose fell and broke her hip and has been unable to walk since then.

Last month we were able to raise funds for a couple of wheelchairs for Action Ministry to use at Blessed Camp.  With these Rose has gained some mobility, which she had been lacking, but is still unable to walk.  After having x-rays and meeting with a volunteer surgeon, Rose is preparing for a hip surgery. Rose will need a walker, rehabilitation, medicine, and a possible blood transfusion in addition to her operation. The total cost to cover all of these items, as well as, the operation is $700. Would you consider joining with us as we strive to help Rose regain her ability to walk?  Click HERE to see her need.

Rose Snapseed