This month we began our annual Education Campaign on Each year we try to help Action Ministry and Bringing Hope to the Family provide the opportunity to earn an education for as many children within their community as possible. This year we are trying to help raise tuition funding for over 80 children in Kenya and Uganda.

Children here in Africa are just the same as children anywhere else in the world. They have the same joy, excitement and dreams that other children have. If you ask a child here what they want to be when the grow up it would sound just like a child from the US. The only difference being that many children here aren’t sure if they will be able to attend school for a lack of funding. These student’s dreams are attached to fear and the reality of their circumstances.

By supporting Action Ministry and Bringing Hope to the Family we have the chance to help these children go to school for the entire 2015 school year and take a big step forward toward making their dreams a reality. This in turn speaks volumes to these children’s families. It shows them that these organizations care about them and their children. It also opens doors for sharing Christ with them. And, in addition, it moves each family one step closer to breaking the cycle of poverty off of their lives.

If you would like to be a part of this opportunity please follow the link HERE. Please feel free to share this with your friends and family as well.


9344347435_ed8fef3b42_kStudents in class at Hope Academy