Happy Friday! We have had a great week here in Mombasa working alongside Action Ministry at Blessed Camp. Our volunteer, Karin, has been busy all week interviewing families and individuals that live within Blessed Camp.  It has been quite educational, as well as, touching for those interviewed.  They have greatly appreciated Karin taking the time to listen to them.

We’ll jump right into our favorite photos over the past week…

From Uganda:

456 - Bicycle for KyongeraThanks to a KTA donation Bringing Hope to the Family was able to purchase a bicycle for John who is an agricultural instructor at New Hope Vocational School.  The school is located on Bringing Hope’s farm which is several miles from Kaihura.  This bike will be a great help to him as he has been walking this distance up to this point.

671 - Treatment of HVI childrenEach month Bringing Hope to the Family provides over 140 HIV+ children with the medicines they need to live long, healthy lives.

From Kenya:


Karin, James and Katie had the opportunity to spend some time and listen to Esther’s story.


Nyawa Salim took the time to share his story with the group as well.

IMG_2178James and Karin enjoying a good laugh while talking with Esther.


Maggie is a resident of Blessed Camp and a leprosy victim.  She shared her story with James and Karin as well.

IMG_2187Maggie had a long struggle with leprosy and still lives with the effects of the disease to this day.

IMG_2368Action Ministry is quickly preparing their land for the upcoming planting season.  This will be Action Ministry’s largest farming project to date.  They are excited to see how the season will go.

On Tuesday we took our volunteer, Karin, to Blessed Camp to begin working on her project for this trip. While she is here she will be interviewing the families within Blessed Camp in order to provide Action Ministry with better background history on their target group. The Action Ministry team has a pretty decent understanding on the history of most of the communities members, but their is still a lot of parts in each families’ story that is a mystery to Action Ministry.

At first we weren’t sure how these interviews were going to go. James, from Action Ministry went with us to interpret and facilitate these conversations. Honestly, I was not sure if the community members would be comfortable opening up with us muzungu’s there. To my surprise each of the community members we interviewed were quick to share their stories with us. They shared about their struggles with leprosy, rejection, poverty and family life. It was sadly apparent that this community is starving for someone to listen to them. Having been rejected and labeled an outcast there hasn’t been many people in their lives that are interested in them as an individual.

Sadly, we as a society, especially in the US, rarely take the time to listen to the stories of the generations that have gone before us. We miss out on the wisdom that we can glean from them and the relationship that we and they need. Now putting that in context of the leprosy victims that are 60+ years old and have lived an extremely challenging and rejected life and I can only imagine how much they crave conversation.

Karin is very excited to continue to visit with these families over the next two weeks and I am sure that her making them a priority will speak huge volumes to them. It doesn’t take much to share Christ’s love with those around us. We simply have to be willing to put out the effort.

IMG_2371James and Karin interviewing Amina Rose.

IMG_2377Rose sharing about her struggles with leprosy.

IMG_2381Here, James and Karin are talking with Mbekisubi Kisubi.


Angelina showed us one of her most prized possessions, a photo of her with her daughter and grandchildren.

IMG_2410James and Karin pose for a photo with Mary and Jimmy after talking with them for a while.

We are just a few days into our 40 day education matching grant and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to provide 89 students with the chance to earn an education!

From now until December 1st every dollar that is given towards our education need will be matched up to $30,000!  Yes, you read that right! Here’s the math…

$30,000 raised on KTA + $30,000 matched = 89 students enrolled in school for the 2015 school year!

So, in simple terms, put one student in school and his friend gets to go too. Or, give enough to buy one child’s books and another set gets purchased. No amount you give is too small. Don’t forget to tell a friend or ask your employer to match your gift which will then be matched, too!! See how easy this is? Thank you for your investment in these students’ 2015 education.

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Hello from sunny Mombasa! Friday has found us here once again. Thanks for stopping by for our Photo Friday: Kenya Edition post. This past week we had the pleasure of having our friend, Nicholas, from western Uganda with us for a few days. We also welcomed the arrival of our dear friend and annual volunteer, Karin, on Monday.  Karin will be with us for 3 weeks and will be volunteering with Action Ministry at Blessed Camp. Karin has been volunteering with Know Think Act for 5 years now.  She originally came as a part of a short term team, but since then her trips have gotten longer.  This trip she began by spending 3 weeks with Bringing Hope to the Family in Uganda and will finish her trip here in Mombasa.

karinPicking Karin up at the airport on Monday.

BC tourPeter sharing Action Ministry’s story with Karin and Nicholas at Blessed Camp.


Nicholas touching his first star fish.  (This was a challenge for him!)

SamuelSamuel (right) gave his heart to Christ 2 Sundays ago at Action Ministry Church after years of alcohol addiction.  James (left), who is a part of the Action Ministry team, has been counseling and mentoring Samuel over the last 2 weeks.  We are so happy for Samuel!


I cannot express how excited we are about this sign! Dominos is coming to Mombasa!

That wraps up this week’s Photo Friday.  Thanks for being a part of this adventure.


Friday has found us here again and we want to thank you for joining us today.  Today on Photo Friday we want to share with our favorite photos from the past week from our partners in Kenya and Uganda.  Let’s get started…

From Uganda:

504 - Scholastic material 2

504 - Scholastic materials 4On Tuesday Bringing Hope to the Family distributed scholastic materials to the numerous children within their district that Bringing Hope supports.  The amount of support varies from pencils and notebooks to school uniforms, as well as, tuition assistance depending on the child’s need.  Bringing Hope has been able to assist families in providing their children with the tools necessary to earn a quality education for over 14 years now.  We are grateful for their continued effort.

From Kenya:


IMG_2319It’s harvest time at Action Ministry! On Wednesday Action Ministry was able to reap their crops of pumpkins, sweet potatoes and peanuts.

photo 2Action Ministry staff met with the son of Momo Bakari earlier this week.  Momo Bakari is a resident of Blessed Camp that Know Think Act has assisted in raising funds for in order to send her to India for the removal of a tumor in her head that cannot be removed in Kenya.  Her son came in this week to begin scheduling the trip to India that he will accompany his mother on. We are hopeful that Momo’s surgery can take place early next month.