Friday has found us here again and we want to thank you for joining us today.  Today on Photo Friday we want to share with our favorite photos from the past week from our partners in Kenya and Uganda.  Let’s get started…

From Uganda:

504 - Scholastic material 2

504 - Scholastic materials 4On Tuesday Bringing Hope to the Family distributed scholastic materials to the numerous children within their district that Bringing Hope supports.  The amount of support varies from pencils and notebooks to school uniforms, as well as, tuition assistance depending on the child’s need.  Bringing Hope has been able to assist families in providing their children with the tools necessary to earn a quality education for over 14 years now.  We are grateful for their continued effort.

From Kenya:


IMG_2319It’s harvest time at Action Ministry! On Wednesday Action Ministry was able to reap their crops of pumpkins, sweet potatoes and peanuts.

photo 2Action Ministry staff met with the son of Momo Bakari earlier this week.  Momo Bakari is a resident of Blessed Camp that Know Think Act has assisted in raising funds for in order to send her to India for the removal of a tumor in her head that cannot be removed in Kenya.  Her son came in this week to begin scheduling the trip to India that he will accompany his mother on. We are hopeful that Momo’s surgery can take place early next month.