Happy Friday! We have had a great week here in Mombasa working alongside Action Ministry at Blessed Camp. Our volunteer, Karin, has been busy all week interviewing families and individuals that live within Blessed Camp.  It has been quite educational, as well as, touching for those interviewed.  They have greatly appreciated Karin taking the time to listen to them.

We’ll jump right into our favorite photos over the past week…

From Uganda:

456 - Bicycle for KyongeraThanks to a KTA donation Bringing Hope to the Family was able to purchase a bicycle for John who is an agricultural instructor at New Hope Vocational School.  The school is located on Bringing Hope’s farm which is several miles from Kaihura.  This bike will be a great help to him as he has been walking this distance up to this point.

671 - Treatment of HVI childrenEach month Bringing Hope to the Family provides over 140 HIV+ children with the medicines they need to live long, healthy lives.

From Kenya:


Karin, James and Katie had the opportunity to spend some time and listen to Esther’s story.


Nyawa Salim took the time to share his story with the group as well.

IMG_2178James and Karin enjoying a good laugh while talking with Esther.


Maggie is a resident of Blessed Camp and a leprosy victim.  She shared her story with James and Karin as well.

IMG_2187Maggie had a long struggle with leprosy and still lives with the effects of the disease to this day.

IMG_2368Action Ministry is quickly preparing their land for the upcoming planting season.  This will be Action Ministry’s largest farming project to date.  They are excited to see how the season will go.