Ann Kitavi 7

With one week left of our education matching campaign I would like to highlight one more student that will be a recipient from this campaign. Anna Kitavi is 15 years old and lives within the Blessed Camp community. Anna’s mother passed away when she was still quite young.

Her father and, now, stepmother continue to raise her. But, unfortunately, they do not make enough income to afford secondary school tuition. Her father and stepmother volunteer their spare time at Action Ministry Church at Blessed Camp. They both have been very instrumental in the work that the church has done within the community.

Anna’s dream is to become a teacher. Even at her young age she realizes how challenging it is to even go to school let alone to earn a quality education. Her desire is to help future students receive quality education by becoming a teacher herself.

When you donate towards our matching campaign you are providing students like Anna Kitavi with the opportunity to reach their dreams. And, thanks to our matching campaign, you will actually be helping provide a better future for 2 students with every dollar you give!

Remember, you only have ONE WEEK LEFT to join in our education matching campaign! Every single $ counts and gets matched! To donate click HERE!