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Welcome back to our blog.  We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and we would like to wish you a happy new year. On today’s Photo Friday post we want to share photos from Bringing Hope to the Family’s and Action Ministry’s Christmas experiences with you. Here we go…

From Uganda:836 - Home Again Christmas Meal 1Christmas at Home Again is such an exciting time! The feast! The games! The fun!

836 - Home Again Christmas Meal 2More feast!

836 - Home Again Christmas GamesLet the games begin!

836 - Home Again Christmas Tug-o-warNo Home Again Christmas party would be complete without Tug-o-war!

From Kenya:

841 - AM Christmas meals 6Thanks to our wonderful allies we were able to raise the funds needed to provide all 42 families within Blessed Camp with a Christmas feast!

841 - AM Christmas meals 1

841 - AM Christmas meals 3

841 - AM Christmas meals 5Most families in this community survive on begging. During the Christmas week the streets are empty and these families usually struggle to make it through the week.  Action Ministry provided them with enough food to last several days.

841 - AM Christmas meals 7Through the sharing opportunity that these gifts presented 3 residents of Blessed Camp accepted Jesus as their savior! Now that is Christmas at its best!

We want to thank everyone who helped provide the children at Home Again and the residents at Blessed Camp with a wonderful and joyous Christmas. Thank you!