Momo Bakari

Last year, you raised $12,000 for Momo Bakari – a Kenyan woman with a unique name and an even more unique medical situation. Her family had sold everything for her care, and you stepped in to finish it out.

Today, while she needs a little more financial support to cross the finish line – her medications post-surgery are expensive – she’s on her way to recovery. So far, we’ve told you bits and pieces. Now, let me share the backstory a little of how we’ve crossed borders, faiths and deep financial divides to help Momo.

In 2011, Action Ministry hosted a medical team in Mombasa, which held outreach camps on multiple days at Blessed Camp. News of these outreaches spread and people continued to come to Action Ministry for care even after the team had departed.

Momo walked in one day with her son. Even though she and her family are devout Muslims, she came to this openly Christian ministry for help. She had a brain tumor. Seeing the gravity of the case and the funds necessary from the start, it didn’t appear that much could be done.

But Peter immediately felt in his heart that this was an opportunity to share Christ’s love and faithfulness with Momo and her family. Peter shared with them that what is impossible for man is possible for God.

As Action Ministry received all of the details of her situation, they learned that her family had sold almost everything they had and sent Momo to India where 80% of the tumor was removed. But, they had nothing left that would allow them to return to India for the removal of the other 20%. As God has a way of orchestrating things, KTA’s founder, Travis Gravette, was there on this day and saw the need first hand.

That’s when we raised the money she needed to get the rest of her surgery. And we are pleased to say that Momo’s surgery was a huge success and she arrived back in Kenya last week!

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We are absolutely thrilled at what God has done and believe for her salvation. This can be a huge testimony to her family and community. It’s testament that no matter our situation or circumstances, God sees us and is involved in our story. God’s heart is that we know him and love him, and he will do what only he can in order to draw us to him.

Now that Momo is back and her surgeries were a success, she will need to be on medication for the next two years. This medicine is extremely expensive in the context of her families’ finances. If you would like to help provide funding for her medication please follow this link.