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Antony and Peter[4]

Poverty. Substance abuse.  Estranged family relationships.  Antony has experienced it all.

On the flip side, Antony had the opportunity to go to school, all the way through university.  He’s turned his life around from addictive behaviors.  And he’s humbled himself to reconciliation with his parents when that didn’t seem possible.

That’s a story of resilience.  That’s Antony’s story.

Antony was born to parents in Kenya who worked as fruit vendors.  But they never made much money.  His two siblings didn’t have the chance to go to school because it was too expensive to send all three children.  Though it was hard, Antony made it through high school with a “B” average.  But he had debt to pay before he could go to university.  The barrier felt as though his “destiny had been cut short.”

In that idle time, Antony made decisions he wished he hadn’t.  He allowed drugs, alcohol, peers with poor motives, and crime guide his life.  His parents disapproved and, after two years of these decisions, disowned him.

That was a turning point.

Antony made the decisions he knew he needed to regain his parents’ trust and regain his life.  He entered a youth program that helped him with basic technical skills.  A physician inspired him to seek a medical career.  And he enrolled at Msambweni Medical College.  While it wasn’t easy to resist more bad influences and make good grades, Antony was still convinced that his destiny was in the medical field.

Most importantly, Antony gave his life to Christ.  “I heard a voice inside of me that said I need to be born again, I need to be transformed, I need Jesus,” says Antony.

Reinvigorated in his medical studies, Antony also started to help at Blessed Camp, right next to his university.  He cared physically and spiritually for the men and women with leprosy.

As it turns out, this service to others would be a service to him, since he also met Peter Ochiel and Action Ministry through Blessed Camp.  Peter took the time to disciple Antony, teaching him leadership skills and fostering his spiritual growth.  In time, Antony began guiding Bible Studies, worship services, and prayer meetings.

So when Antony graduated, and searched for a job, Action Clinic was his first stop since it blended his passion for the people of Blessed Camp and his connection to Action Church and Ministry. It took five months for a position to open, and when it did, Peter and Antony felt God’s call that Antony should serve as the Clinic’s clinical officer.

Everyday, Antony’s relationship grows with his patients and the residents of Blessed Camp.  He visits them at home, checking on their physical needs and praying with them.   He has even led a handful of them to Christ.

Says Antony: “In the process of my service to the community through my profession, I have experienced growth in my heart for missions and passion for the lost as well.  It has always been my pleasure to serve the people around in their capacity.”