Yesterday, our KTA volunteers officially started helping out and working alongside Action Ministry down at Blessed Camp.  Our overall goal and objective with our volunteers is that, by the time they leave, they will have had tons of opportunities to spend time with and get to know Action Ministry and the heart behind what they do.  Today went very well considering it was the first the day and they were easing themselves in.  But after today, I am feeling confident that new friendships are budding and lives are being enriched.


Here’s a little update on what each volunteer had to say about their first days!

“I continue to be impressed with the quality of leadership at Action Ministry. Peter Ochiel and his team are doing a tremendous job. It is also wonderful to see the progress that has been made in just a few months on the Blessed Camp compound.” ~ Karin Carlson

“This being my second first day working with Action Ministry, since I was a volunteer before, it was great seeing the progress with the new addition to the tailoring shop.  I am excited that the crochet skills that I am teaching will go hand-in-hand with the objectives that Action Ministry has set.  I am also excited about the new ladies in the class and getting to know them and their stories.” ~ Kim Docter

“I really enjoyed getting to know the teachers and students.  This being my first time to Kenya and with Action Ministry, it is a challenge, but I am excited to see the heart of everyone there and to serve alongside them.” ~ Kaity Parrott