Our volunteers, Kaity and Kim, are having a great time investing in the community at Blessed Camp. Kaity has been teaching the primary school teachers new games and activities that they can do with their students.  The children are having a blast participating in these activities.  Let’s jump right into the photos…

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Teacher says! (Simon got the boot.)

IMG_2855 (1) copy

Creation story color time! (and amazement)

IMG_2861 (1) copy

IMGP1301 copy

Don’t drop that ball!

IMGP1322 copy

Jump rope relay races!

IMGP1334 copy

IMGP1348 copy

Target practice! (The girls destroyed the boys in this game.)

IMGP1356 copy

This game had us in stitches.

Be sure to check in next time to see how Kim’s work with the ladies in the tailoring department in pressing on.

Thanks for joining us today!