Late last year, we introduced you to Charles – a young man with a boil on his face that hindered his sight. Before he could get the operation he needed, his mother passed away and his aunt who took him was not able to give his condition the attention it needed.

We’re thrilled to report that, because you and BHTF stepped in, Charles had his surgery in May! It was a success, and even his follow-up appointments show improvement. He is expected to keep full function of his eye once the swelling goes down, which is expected soon.

What’s more? Charles accepted Christ last week. So not only is his health transformed, but so is his heart.

Thank you for all who helped Charles experience the healing of his eye and a relationship with the Lord.


A few months ago, we introduced you to Joshua and Jonathan – 6-month-old twins who you helped when they most needed it.  Without a mother.  You helped them get diapers and formula.  Thank you.

They’re now almost one, and spend their days at Bringing Hope to the Family with fellow twins, Eva and Esther.  Eva and Esther’s mom died in childbirth, and their father cannot care for them.

These are four little lives that, when you support Bringing Hope, you make sure they can thrive by providing food, shelter, healthcare, and a loving caregiver.

Every dollar you give – whether to food, healthcare, pens & pencils, or a latrine that gives dignity to a young girl – is your investment in a life.  Thank you for helping these two and so many more!

Our volunteer, Kim, has been teaching crocheting to a group of ladies at Blessed Camp.  Kim began teaching crocheting during her first volunteer trip to Mombasa last year. Her class is comprised of a few ladies that started learning crocheting during last year’s group and several new students.
It is exciting to see ladies learning fun new skills that could possibly help earn them additional income in the future.  Kim has been teaching this class in conjunction with the tailoring program at Blessed Camp, so that the tailoring students can broaden their knowledge and skills.
Empowering individuals is a beautiful sight!
Right now, the tailoring program needs an overlock machine as well as ongoing funds to purchase the training materials.  Can you help?

In the last 72 hours, we learned of two situations that need your help. Both are life-and-death medical care. As you’ll see below, one is a pacemaker and another is the safe delivery of a baby to a 17-year-old girl. It’s not typical that we present two needs, so large, yet so urgent and important, at the same time. But these lives matter. Can you help Bahati or Annet?



A dear member of the Bringing Hope to the Family community needs your help. 

Bahati Mugambwa just found out that he needs a pacemaker. He traveled to India for what he thought would be a smaller medical need, and even raised the funds to do so on his own from his community, family, and the government. 

But tests showed that a pacemaker is necessary for him to live. So, he’s in India waiting to have the surgery to implant it, but he needs $3,500 to make it happen

Can you help Bahati get the funds he needs for the pacemaker so he can come home healthy?

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 4.43.29 PM



Annet is 17 years old and was brought to Bringing Hope to the Family’s crisis pregnancy department in desperate need of help. Annet is 34 weeks pregnant and has a severe case of STDs.

Annet is urgently in need of surgery to remove the STDs and a cesarean section, as a natural birth is not currently possible for her. 

Would you please help Annet and her baby with their urgent crisis? $1,500 will cover the cost of the birth and the operation. Thank you!

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