One of Know Think Act’s core beliefs is that a community rises and falls based on leadership. With that belief in mind we have been strategic in investing in our partners’ staff members. In years past we have help leadership courses with multiple Bringing Hope staff members. We have also been holding classes with our partner Action Ministry over the last year and a half.

Being back in Kaihura for an extended amount of time we didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to further invest in the leaders who are doing such great work here in Uganda. The desire to learn, grow and better serve their community is evident in many of Bringing Hope to the Family’s staff members and we want to continue to foster those desires.

Katie is currently leading a group, which is discussing principles from the book When Helping Hurts. Though this book is geared towards the western culture there is much that our partners can glean from these concepts as well that will enable them to better serve their community.

It has been interesting teaching this class, because the majority of the students are those who have grown up in poverty and by God’s help, have come out of it. During the lessons, we discussed what poverty is. To the western mind, we see poverty as a lack of money and material things. So, we tend to believe that if we just give money and material things, this would solve the problem.

But as we have dug deeper in the study, we have discovered that the real root of poverty is the lack of self worth, feelings of hopelessness, voicelessness, and feeling suffocated.   When this was discussed, it was like a light bulb was turned on. This was something they knew in their hearts to be true, but this reality had not come to the surface.

This was a great revelation to start with. As we continue these teachings, we are together learning many ways we can be effective together to really help transform lives from the inside out. We are also learning how we, the “helper”, are also in continual need of transformation and that poverty alleviation truly happens in relationships.