kta well

When we think about education, we often think of the transformation of one individual — one child goes to school and makes a better life for him or herself.  But what we’ve come to realize is that this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

When you support an individual through Know Think Act – when you support any project through Know Think Act – you do so much more than one thing. Remember the one well in Muzuno, Uganda we funded together in 2013? Here it stands today – fully functional, turned over to the Muzuno community, and supplying water to several young children at a nearby nursery school and kindergarten.

“Help us build one well” ended up bringing life to a community full of individuals, even supplying water to a school full of eager children.

So this fall, when we talk about funding the education of one individual (which you can do for an entire year with a ONE-TIME $140 donation in some cases!), don’t get caught up on the seeming “small-ness” of the need. What we’re really talking about is impacting an entire family, an entire community, an entire country.

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We’re talking about Peter, one of seven siblings, who dreams of being a public administrator when he finishes his schooling. Donating towards Peter’s education is investing in Peter’s brothers and sisters and the community Peter will one day lead.

We’re talking about Berryl, who volunteers as a nursery instructor while pursuing her teaching degree so she can serve others even better through her education.

We’re talking about Marise, who intends to become a nurse so she can serve the city of Nairobi.

You have the opportunity with each individual need to impact individual lives, yes. But you also have the opportunity to impact hundreds – even thousands – of lives with your gift as well. For education is the gift the keeps giving, the gift that can’t be taken away. Take a look around the site today – we think you’ll find some pretty worthwhile investments.