Know Think Act became part of the African Leadership family in 2014. We are excited to share, that Know Think Act and African Leadership are now fully integrated.

It is our privilege to serve along side KTA’s original Partners in Uganda and Kenya as we add them to African Leadership’s array of neighborhood leaders making a difference in local lives. This includes Bringing Hope to the Family, Action Ministry and all African Leadership’s partners across 15 countries in Africa.

What does this mean for Know Think Act?

The new expansion for Know Think Act is a major step in bringing strength to our African partners. In addition, YOU now have a larger impact. Your investment into Know Think Act /African Leadership is helping local leaders like Faith dream and impact more individuals than ever before.

Directly related to Bringing Hope to the Family and Action Ministry, African Leadership will be strategically focused on two primary areas: education and operations.

Education – the great difference maker. Your gifts will continue to invest in local school fees as well as other forms of educational services, including the development of a local school in an under-served part of eastern Kenya through Action Ministry.

You have also been generous supporters of both Peter’s and Faith’s ongoing operations. It is critical to have funds for general operations, to use where the local leader and circumstances deem most critical. As valuable as funding a project might be, without an operating budget all those projects would come to a halt. Thank you for understanding how important that is and for your continued support of it.

Thank you for your continued support. We trust you will see that these changes are driven by a desire to provide you and our partners with exemplary service.

You can still donate to our partners through African Leadership. Click HERE !