I have a lot of emotions as I type my final blog for Know Think Act.

Over the last two and a half years, I have loved watching needs be met financially through knowthinkact.com and then seeing them come to life through Bringing Hope to the Family in Uganda and Action Ministry in Kenya. I have loved getting to know the donors who selflessly give so that others may have life, and life to the full.  More than anything else about my time at Know Think Act, I have loved getting to know our local leaders who are partnering to end extreme poverty in their own communities.

I love our leaders, Faith and Peter.  I have gotten to know each of them deeply over the last two years and have seen them love their communities well.  I respect the long hours, endless sacrifices, and selfless grace that they extend as they live out God’s calling on their lives.  Seeing them succeed and thrive has been such a source of inspiration for me and I am proud to call them my friends.


Faith is a woman of faith – she lives out her her name better than anyone I have met.  I have exchanged countless emails and skype calls with her, and had the opportunity to work alongside her in Kaihura, Uganda.  Her dedication to her community, her passion for community development, and her belief that God can do what seems impossible is an inspiration.  I’ll never forget, after spending almost two weeks with Faith and the Bringing Hope to the Family team, I was getting ready to return to the US and Faith asked if she could pray over me.  That was one of the most holy moments I have had. I remember that prayer very clearly and was humbled by her words. That prayer has meant a lot to me, and not something I have taken lightly. In fact, that prayer had something to do with me taking my next steps. I know that the faithfulness of Faith will continue to impact her community and beyond!


Peter is a man of God and his faith, smile, and laugh are all contagious.  He is a servant leader to the core, and a humble one.  His care for those that others have discarded is beautiful. Peter and I hit it off during our first skype phone call and our work relationship has blossomed into a friendship. I was so excited to meet Peter when I got off a plane in Mombassa that I cried. It was a surprisingly overwhelming moment for me as I finally got to meet my friend.  I believe that Peter, his wife Nancy, and their two boys are going to continue to do amazing things in Blessed Camp and beyond as Action Ministry gets more and more opportunities to lead in communities that others have overlooked.

I’m truly grateful for Peter and Faith and for God’s calling on their lives and how they faithfully live out that calling.

This is my last week as part of the team at Know Think Act. As confident as I was that God had called me to Nashville to be part of this team for a season, I am confident that He is bringing in a new season for me.  KTA will always be an important part of my story.  Bringing Hope to the Family, Action Ministry, Faith, and Peter will always be treasured parts of my life. In addition to our local leaders, I’m especially grateful for the Sasser family and their faithfulness to serve in Kaihura, and now as they take their next steps toward Kenya. Their hospitality will always be a gift to me and they are going to keep doing amazing things in partnership with our local leaders.

Thank you to each of you who have selflessly given as part of Legacy Partner program to allow me to be a part of this team. Thank you to each and every one of you who give to the needs of the communities served by our local leaders. You are making a tangible difference around the globe.  Keep up the good work friends.


Grace and Peace…



As you gather today with your friends and family, know that we at Know Think Act are so thankful for you and that you are a part of our community – a community that is helping eliminate extreme poverty through partnerships with local leaders. Thank you for all you do to serve and love so tangibly on our leaders and their organizations, Action Ministry and Bringing Hope to the Family.

We are so thankful for the leaders of those organizations, Peter Ochiel and Faith Kunihira, and their selfless dedication and service to their communities and to their staff. Each member of these great organizations has worked relentlessly and sacrificially to serve their community and we are grateful for each and every one of them.

Thank you for being a part of Know Think Act and for making 2013 one of our best years yet. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


This week Kate, our Ugandan Program Coordinator, has been without internet, and so while she can’t send her favorite photos of the past week, I thought I would use this opportunity to share some of my favorite photos that live on my phone from my last trip. Happy Friday, and enjoy.

FF (5)

Love this little girl’s shy smile as we played outside.

FF (1)

I got to be a part of a Ugandan wedding and it was quite the fun experience. A fun day of celebrating with the couple and the whole village.

FF (6)

An appearance by Simba couldn’t hold back the joy in these fun kids.

FF (2)

I loved getting the chance to spend time with our Partner, Peter of Action Ministry, and go into the homes of the leper community that he serves and hear their stories. Peter and his team love their community really deeply and it’s humbling to be a part of that.

FF (4)

Given any opportunity, these kids will take the chance to wear your sunglasses, as Lindsay quickly found out. But he pulls the look off well. 

FF (3)

Mombasa, Kenya is a beautiful city on the coast of Kenya and I loved walking the streets and hearing it’s history.


Thanks for checking out the post. My friend Michael is waving goodbye and says to have a great weekend.

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Lep 5

Leprosy is a very serious ailment that greatly effects the people and community of Blessed Camp. Blessed Camp is an area outside of the city where the Kenyan government told the lepers they had to live. Our Partner, Action Ministry, moved into the community and changed the name to Blessed Camp and began to work so that these people would no longer be a forgotten people but a community that had value and worth.

Leprosy works on your extremities and works it’s way up through your body, so usually the greatest area effected is the hands and feet of the people. Because of that, special orthopedic shoes are required, and unfortunately, can be extremely expensive. Through KnowThinkAct.com, we were able to provide special shoes and crutches so that the people would no longer have to crawl, or sit in one place with their feet in the dirt. The special shoes donation was wired in December 2012, and the Orthopedic specialists came to Blessed Camp in January 2013.

Due to the elections that followed in February (and spilled over into March), many business people were not sure of the outcome and lots of suppliers never brought in goods. Lots of shops also closed due to post election violence, and as a result, the specialists could not find the special leather and other materials for making the shoes. The option of importing from neighboring countries was too expensive, and we were already working with the only organization making the special shoes (for disabled persons) in the entire Coast Province of Kenya.

We are so glad that after the long wait,the special shoes and walking appliances were finally supplied  Wednesday. This is more than shoes, this is a tremendous improvement on the quality of life for these people. It’s more than shoes, it’s mobility. It’s respect. It’s a fresh start on equal footing. Thank you for giving through Know Think Act and be sure to see what other needs we can help meet.

Lep 1
Lep 4
lep 3
photo (15)




We believe that education changes everything. When a child has the chance to stay in school and learn, it effects every aspect of their life, from increasing their chances of going on to secondary school and university, to learning life skills and a trade, education’s value cannot be measured. Both of our Partners – Faith of Bringing Hope to the Family in Uganda and Peter of Action Ministry in Kenya attribute their ability and success in their work in their community to their opportunity to pursue their education, thanks to the people who invested in them.


For the next month here at Know Think Act, we are going to be giving you the opportunity to invest in students. Listed on the site are all the students who are supported through Bringing Hope to the Family, and who are in need of a scholarship so they can stay in school.

Each student has a story, and each student has a chance to break the cycle of extreme poverty through getting an education. Some of these students are in secondary school and some are pursuing their advanced degree in university. We believe in the power of scholarships, of giving deserving students a chance to learn. By giving to a student, you will be participating in the life of that student, and at the end of the school year you will receive update on their progress, what they have been learning and a note from the student.


Education is a real need, and you have the chance to change a student’s life through helping provide – in part or in whole – a scholarship. Join us in changing the future for these students. Click here to meet the students and to help us provide scholarships. It’s more than a scholarship, it’s hope, and it’s a future. Join with us today!