Kim Kaity and Katie

Kim, Kaity, and Katie

On Wednesday, our two newest volunteers arrived in Mombasa, Kenya.

For Kim, this is her second year in a row coming to work alongside Action Ministry.  As for Kaity, this is her first trip beyond the borders of the US.

Both are excited to be here and to spend some time getting to know the Action Ministry team better, learning about the culture, and allowing God to use them to assist in any way they can.

Volunteering is a great way to grow as a person. By surrounding yourself in a new culture and environment, it allows you to be stretched, gain new perspective, and serve others.

Here are our volunteers’ initial thoughts on their trip:

Says Kim: “I’m excited to see the growth that has taken place in Action Ministry over the last year and getting to minister to the ladies in a creative way.”

Says Kaity: “I’m so excited to be here and experience a new culture and help out in any way that I can.”


We are firm believers that communities rise and fall based on leadership. So when we come across leaders who are really doing extraordinary things, it is hard not to be compelled to rally behind them.

As a result of our partnership with African Leadership, we had the chance to meet Irene Tongoi this past January and tour New Dawn Educational Centre. It was easy to see that a new friendship was about to be birthed. Our first impressions could not have been higher. The more we get to know her, the more impressed we are.

Irene is a very driven woman who excelled in her education; but after finishing her degree in education, she felt called to be a stay-at-home wife and mother. She was later to find that God was using this time to prepare her to begin a new ministry.

Seeing the toll that HIV was causing within her nation, Irene started a class that taught the importance of abstinence by focusing on biblical principles. This course, which started off very small, was birthed into an organization called New Dawn Kenya, and has graduated around 2,000 teens with too many success stories to count.

Through this work Irene was taken on a journey to a place she had never been, the Huruma and Githogoro slums located practically within the upper class suburbs of Nairobi. Irene was compelled to make even more of a difference in helping the teens of these slums see that they have a future and that with God anything is possible!

Says Irene: “If Jesus landed in Huruma, would he leave it the way it was? I don’t think he would. I am driven to co-labor with God to bring the solution to their brokenness.”

Irene, like Faith Kunihira in Uganda, and Peter Ochiel in Kenya, did not wait for outside funding to begin the work that God had called her to. She knew she was called and thus rallied local churches and friends to begin New Dawn Educational Centre as simply as they could, by identifying the assets the community had and growing from there.

Fast-forward to 2015. New Dawn Educational Centre is a beautiful, but simple school located within a very poor community just outside of Nairobi. Like any major city around the globe it is shocking how such poverty can be literally next door to such wealth.

The students are thriving at New Dawn, and more than 360 students have now graduated from this school. We are excited about this new partnership and grateful to be able to assist New Dawn in what God is doing within this community and the lives of so many students.


Welcome back to our blog.  We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and we would like to wish you a happy new year. On today’s Photo Friday post we want to share photos from Bringing Hope to the Family’s and Action Ministry’s Christmas experiences with you. Here we go…

From Uganda:836 - Home Again Christmas Meal 1Christmas at Home Again is such an exciting time! The feast! The games! The fun!

836 - Home Again Christmas Meal 2More feast!

836 - Home Again Christmas GamesLet the games begin!

836 - Home Again Christmas Tug-o-warNo Home Again Christmas party would be complete without Tug-o-war!

From Kenya:

841 - AM Christmas meals 6Thanks to our wonderful allies we were able to raise the funds needed to provide all 42 families within Blessed Camp with a Christmas feast!

841 - AM Christmas meals 1

841 - AM Christmas meals 3

841 - AM Christmas meals 5Most families in this community survive on begging. During the Christmas week the streets are empty and these families usually struggle to make it through the week.  Action Ministry provided them with enough food to last several days.

841 - AM Christmas meals 7Through the sharing opportunity that these gifts presented 3 residents of Blessed Camp accepted Jesus as their savior! Now that is Christmas at its best!

We want to thank everyone who helped provide the children at Home Again and the residents at Blessed Camp with a wonderful and joyous Christmas. Thank you!



It’s the final Friday before Christmas and we hope everyone is doing well.  This time of year is generally a happy time, but it can certainly get hectic. Knowing that your probably busy, we want to thank you for taking the time to join us for this volume of Photo Friday. All of this week’s photos come from Kenya.  We hope you enjoy.

From Kenya:

photo 1

Momo Bakari traveled to India last week with her son for her brain tumor operation.  Thanks to many generous donors we were able to assist Action Ministry in funding Momo’s trip and surgery costs. Action Ministry believes that this is a wonderful opportunity to share Christ’s love with this family and their community.

photo 5Last week, Peter, James and Jimmy (a Blessed Camp resident) returned from a week long Christian leader’s conference in western Kenya. The guys had a great time and Peter had the opportunity to be one of the guest speakers as well.

photo 4While in western Kenya the guys stopped by Got Osimbo to check in on the construction of a maternity ward that Action Ministry and Know Think Act have helped to fund.

photo 1

A few months back Know Think Act raised funds for Maurice’s knee surgery. Maurice had been in a car accident and was in need of an operation.  Maurice’s surgery was successful and here he poses with Peter.

We are excited to see all of the great reports from Action Ministry. God is good and great things are happening! We hope you have a great weekend and a very merry Christmas.

Welcome back for another edition of Photo Friday! There has been a lot of progress lately with our partners and we want share their joy with you. Enjoy…

From Uganda:

Sofa chairs3Home Again Children’s Home received new furniture this week. Some of the children are trying them out even without the cushions.

Exterior plastering2The exterior plastering of Home Again’s babies’ home has been completed!

Book shelves4Several KTA funded shelves have been constructed and delivered to Hope Academy.  These shelves will greatly help the school with it’s organization.

From Kenya:


Peter and Nancy signed a lease on their new house this week.  Their new house is much closer to Blessed Camp and will allow them to better assist the community.

We hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for joining us!