Know Think Act became part of the African Leadership family in 2014. We are excited to share, that Know Think Act and African Leadership are now fully integrated.

It is our privilege to serve along side KTA’s original Partners in Uganda and Kenya as we add them to African Leadership’s array of neighborhood leaders making a difference in local lives. This includes Bringing Hope to the Family, Action Ministry and all African Leadership’s partners across 15 countries in Africa.

What does this mean for Know Think Act?

The new expansion for Know Think Act is a major step in bringing strength to our African partners. In addition, YOU now have a larger impact. Your investment into Know Think Act /African Leadership is helping local leaders like Faith dream and impact more individuals than ever before.

Directly related to Bringing Hope to the Family and Action Ministry, African Leadership will be strategically focused on two primary areas: education and operations.

Education – the great difference maker. Your gifts will continue to invest in local school fees as well as other forms of educational services, including the development of a local school in an under-served part of eastern Kenya through Action Ministry.

You have also been generous supporters of both Peter’s and Faith’s ongoing operations. It is critical to have funds for general operations, to use where the local leader and circumstances deem most critical. As valuable as funding a project might be, without an operating budget all those projects would come to a halt. Thank you for understanding how important that is and for your continued support of it.

Thank you for your continued support. We trust you will see that these changes are driven by a desire to provide you and our partners with exemplary service.

You can still donate to our partners through African Leadership. Click HERE !

Webster’s dictionary defines a missionary as a person sent on a religious mission… to promote Christianity in a foreign country. I don’t know about you, but the image in my mind of a missionary often seems old and antiquated, with prop planes and radios, that reached its height in the 40’s and 50’s.

Today seems dominated by a younger, trendy crowd of entrepreneurs and celebrities, social media and jet planes, caring more about social justice that an individual’s personal spiritual life. But over the past 13 years I’ve spent in international development I have become convinced of one thing. If you don’t work to see the internal, belief system of an individual radically altered by Christ and their worldview aligned to the Gospel, their actions can’t change – and their tomorrow won’t be different from their yesterday. Social justice does matter – but the way to altering it is one individual spiritual life at a time.

Chris and Katie Sasser have spent the past 7 years blurring the lines between missionary and entrepreneur and have done it well. They left behind family, modern conveniences, and the known for a world filled with unknown – everything from no running water to limited electricity. But they have adapted, they have built an African family, they have promoted Christ and His Gospel in parts of the world many of us will never see. They have confidently promoted Christ and his redemption in East Africa and actively worked to build social justice at the individual level. And their impact is tangible – seen in the communities they have lived and served in.

We are excited for their next adventure in Ireland. We cannot wait to see how God will continue to use them as modern day missionaries promoting Christianity and thereby impacting social justice. We are grateful for their service and will feel the void of their absence in Africa.

It’s not nearly enough, but thank you Chris and Katie!


Emily Blackledge

Vice President International Program

Read more about what God is doing in the lives of Chris and Katie Sasser in their letter HERE


Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.50.37 AMOur country partners let us know about 143 students in Uganda and Kenya that needed your help to attend school in 2016!

It was a $60,000 bill. No small task. But it’s was only half as hard to reach as you may think…

A generous donor offered to give 50% of the money IF we could raise the other half.

You were challenged to double your impact and have your donation toward education matched dollar-for-dollar.

Because of you, $60,056.92 was raised and 143 students now have a brighter future by receiving education. THANK YOU for your generosity!

You’ve changed the life of students like:

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.50.21 AM      Samuel 

He is 13 years old and was brought to Home Again by local authorities after his step-mother had denied him and his siblings food and education. Samuel dreams big and studies hard. He wants to become an engineer. Samuel loves playing soccer and wants to visit America one day.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.50.28 AM     Ronald 

Roland is a survivor. He has been living at Home Again in Uganda since 2008. He has survived cancer and is HIV positive. But that has not stopped Ronald from dreaming. He wants to become a pilot one day. He is  excelling at school, while playing as much basketball as possible in his free time!


photo 1-1Our network and project partners in Africa are full of quality, dedicated, and hard-working teachers. We’re convinced they make all the difference for the students so many of you support. So today, on World Teacher’s Day, we’re extra thankful for all of those teachers who use their lives to serve our students and we’re honoring one in particular — Joselyn at Bringing Hope to the Family in Uganda.

When asked what being a teacher means to her, Joselyn explains how she believes education is crucial – absolutely crucial – to building a life for yourself, your community, and your country and has significant (and often overlooked) effects:

With education, you can be what you want with God’s help. You become valuable because you have something you know and can do to differentiate yourself from those who did not go to school, so you become unique. Because of education, people get different professions, earn a living, and sustain themselves.

Standard of living is also improved because people can be able to take good care of their health by seeking medication from hospitals because they have money, good nutrition, and sanitation. It leads to improved welfare in a home. It encourages hard working to both parents and children.

Therefore, with education as the key to success, you can do what you want and be who you want to be. If you want to be someone tomorrow, start today. Be goal oriented. Be good, respect your elders, fear God, and you will be an important person after your education.


kta well

When we think about education, we often think of the transformation of one individual — one child goes to school and makes a better life for him or herself.  But what we’ve come to realize is that this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

When you support an individual through Know Think Act – when you support any project through Know Think Act – you do so much more than one thing. Remember the one well in Muzuno, Uganda we funded together in 2013? Here it stands today – fully functional, turned over to the Muzuno community, and supplying water to several young children at a nearby nursery school and kindergarten.

“Help us build one well” ended up bringing life to a community full of individuals, even supplying water to a school full of eager children.

So this fall, when we talk about funding the education of one individual (which you can do for an entire year with a ONE-TIME $140 donation in some cases!), don’t get caught up on the seeming “small-ness” of the need. What we’re really talking about is impacting an entire family, an entire community, an entire country.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 3.56.26 PM

We’re talking about Peter, one of seven siblings, who dreams of being a public administrator when he finishes his schooling. Donating towards Peter’s education is investing in Peter’s brothers and sisters and the community Peter will one day lead.

We’re talking about Berryl, who volunteers as a nursery instructor while pursuing her teaching degree so she can serve others even better through her education.

We’re talking about Marise, who intends to become a nurse so she can serve the city of Nairobi.

You have the opportunity with each individual need to impact individual lives, yes. But you also have the opportunity to impact hundreds – even thousands – of lives with your gift as well. For education is the gift the keeps giving, the gift that can’t be taken away. Take a look around the site today – we think you’ll find some pretty worthwhile investments.