When I met Faith for the first time back in 2004, I was so impressed by the work she was doing in her village of Kaihura.  She had made huge personal sacrifices to commit herself to serving the least of these in her own community.  She was four years into her work and had already accomplished a lot with the limited resources she had, most of which was educational.  You don’t need money to teach, encourage and love people.  She worked with what she had, but didn’t let her current limitations hold back her vision.
One of the things that she wanted to do, but lacked the resources to accomplish, was help bring clean water to her people.  She brought me to a mud hole that her own family and 15+ other families were getting their water from.  She had vision for clean water, but lacked the resources to make that happen.  I was a young college student at the time, I didn’t have the money either, but I knew this had to change and if people knew about it, they would help.  I didn’t know it then, but that was the beginning of Know Think Act.
Local leaders like Faith have vision and the community is willing to do their part, they just need some help… some one to meet them halfway and KnowThinkAct.com makes that possible.  We started with that first well and have since empowered Faith to bring clean water to thousands.  Let’s keep changing lives with the gift of clean water.  Click here to see the communities Faith is currently working with to dig wells.  They have donated the land and will provide all the labor… they just need someone to meet them in the middle and cover the expenses for materials that they could never afford.  Together we can make a difference.


At Know Think Act we are passionate about empowering local leaders. We have strategically partnered with some incredible men and women who were hard at work changing their communities before we ever showed up. Our partnerships started out of a deep respect and appreciation for what these local leaders had already accomplished and the visions they had for the future. We’re in the business of helping increase the transformation capacity of these leaders who’ve already proven themselves faithful.


Every need you see on Know Think Act was identified and submitted to us by our partners. Our partners share a common mission in serving the poorest of the poor, but there’s no one size fits all magic formula. Each of our partners understand and strategically approach the unique challenges of their communities and the people they are serving. Peter and Action Ministry face a lot of medical challenges unique to people living with leprosy, while Faith and Bringing Hope to the Family deal heavily with AIDS and malaria. This has been represented by different needs on the site to provide for specific medical procedures or to equip our partners with the appropriate equipment, supplies and medicine necessary for each challenge.


We created KnowThinkAct.com to enable people anywhere in the world to directly partner with local leaders like Faith and Peter. We saw what both of them had accomplished on their own and knew that if people had specific opportunities to join in and partner they would… and we’ve been blown away by the generosity we’ve seen from the growing KTA community over the past few years. By featuring specific needs our partners have, donors are able to see the difference even a small amount of money can make.


We understand that some times the various needs on Know Think Act may seem random, but they are all part of a holistic and integrated mission specific to each of our partners. Every need is a part of furthering or improving a current program or service to a clearly identified group ie: specific orphans, widows, elderly, disabled, etc. Each need on our site is a current real time opportunity to make a direct impact and lasting difference. We’re so grateful to all of you who have taken on different needs and empowered our partners with the resources to meet them. Thank you so much.

What other questions might you have about the process in which needs are put on Know Think Act?



When I met Faith for the first time in 2004, she brought me to see where her family and several other families were getting their water.  When we reached the water source, I couldn’t believe it.  It was just a hole dug in the ground.  It was stagnate, full of tad poles and mosquitoes, and shared by animals and people alike.  It was hard to believe that in the 21st century there were still people living like this.
In just the last three years since launching KnowThinkAct.com we have funded 25 wells, bringing clean water to over 5,000 people.  It is amazing how much clean water changes a persons life.  This Thanksgiving don’t forget the simple things, that for many would be a dream… like having access to clean running water right in the convenience of your own home.  The truth is it’s a luxury. I’m thankful for clean water. What are you thankful for?
- Travis
Founder & CEO of Know Think Act


Yesterday morning I had the privilege of speaking to a large crowd of 1st-12th grade students at Providence Christian Academy in Murfreesboro, TN.  It was so much fun!  I love getting to share with students about the work that we’re doing.  It’s fascinating how much they soak it up.  Probably my favorite part is Q&A time… you never know what your gonna get!

If you would like me or another one of our staff to come and speak at your school… or any gathering of people… big or small, we’d love to.  Just email us at info@globalsupportmission.com.

Compassion = Action,

Founder & CEO

We were welcomed back to Kaihura with smiles and a sky full of stars. We never seem to make it back during the daylight, but it was a great welcome none the less. After a nice long sleep we were able to see all of the progress that has transpired since we left in January.

The stone walkways look great and grass is slowly beginning to fill in the yard. Also, the new stove for Home Again has been installed and is working perfectly. All of the students that are now attending boarding school are home for Easter. It is great to see them all again.

On our first day back Bringing Hope was holding a funeral for a baby girl. An infant girl was brought to Bringing Hope about a month ago. She was in terrible shape. After a month of care she did not improve and passed away earlier this week. She was buried near the church just down from Home Again.

It is a sad reality that life is fragile and not every child that comes to the home will pull through. But, we know that God is sovereign and we can only do our best and trust him in all things.

Where will this year take us? Only God knows. And, so the journey begins.

International Coordinator – Uganda