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Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.50.37 AMOur country partners let us know about 143 students in Uganda and Kenya that needed your help to attend school in 2016!

It was a $60,000 bill. No small task. But it’s was only half as hard to reach as you may think…

A generous donor offered to give 50% of the money IF we could raise the other half.

You were challenged to double your impact and have your donation toward education matched dollar-for-dollar.

Because of you, $60,056.92 was raised and 143 students now have a brighter future by receiving education. THANK YOU for your generosity!

You’ve changed the life of students like:

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.50.21 AM      Samuel 

He is 13 years old and was brought to Home Again by local authorities after his step-mother had denied him and his siblings food and education. Samuel dreams big and studies hard. He wants to become an engineer. Samuel loves playing soccer and wants to visit America one day.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.50.28 AM     Ronald 

Roland is a survivor. He has been living at Home Again in Uganda since 2008. He has survived cancer and is HIV positive. But that has not stopped Ronald from dreaming. He wants to become a pilot one day. He is  excelling at school, while playing as much basketball as possible in his free time!


photo 1-1Our network and project partners in Africa are full of quality, dedicated, and hard-working teachers. We’re convinced they make all the difference for the students so many of you support. So today, on World Teacher’s Day, we’re extra thankful for all of those teachers who use their lives to serve our students and we’re honoring one in particular — Joselyn at Bringing Hope to the Family in Uganda.

When asked what being a teacher means to her, Joselyn explains how she believes education is crucial – absolutely crucial – to building a life for yourself, your community, and your country and has significant (and often overlooked) effects:

With education, you can be what you want with God’s help. You become valuable because you have something you know and can do to differentiate yourself from those who did not go to school, so you become unique. Because of education, people get different professions, earn a living, and sustain themselves.

Standard of living is also improved because people can be able to take good care of their health by seeking medication from hospitals because they have money, good nutrition, and sanitation. It leads to improved welfare in a home. It encourages hard working to both parents and children.

Therefore, with education as the key to success, you can do what you want and be who you want to be. If you want to be someone tomorrow, start today. Be goal oriented. Be good, respect your elders, fear God, and you will be an important person after your education.