This past Saturday we had all of Action Ministry’s staff and their families over to the house for a staff beach day.  The day couldn’t have been any more perfect.  We had blue skies, no sea weed in the water and smiles all around.  It was a great opportunity to get the staff together for a non-work related event and strengthen relationships.  We swam, played games and enjoyed a nice meal.  The staff ended the day with “thank you’s” and an encouraging question of “when can we do this again?”  I foresee this being an annual event! Here are some photos from the day…

IMG_2238Peter running with a coconut seed on a spoon.  (This idea saved us plenty of eggs!)

IMG_2249Limbo! Because, who doesn’t love a rousing game of Limbo? (This game was a home run.)

IMG_2256Water ballon toss!

IMG_2259Don’t drop it!

IMG_2267Lunch time at our friend Ben’s beach restaurant.


IMG_2279Three-legged race’s are always entertaining for the spectators!

IMG_2281The look of three-legged race defeat.

IMG_2282 copyGreat group of individuals and a great time had by all!

Last Wednesday, Peter (of Action Ministry) accompanied us to Kaihura, Uganda to visit Bringing Hope to the Family. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to have Peter visit Bringing Hope, to meet their staff and see all of their various projects. Also, one of the most important things was to provide Faith and Peter the time to share their hearts and vision with each other.

As Peter boarded the bus today to head back to Kenya, he left with many new ideas and possibilities to pray about and to consider. We look forward to seeing what will come from this trip once Peter returns to Mombasa and shares his experiences with the rest of his staff. We want to thank everyone who contributed to this vision trip for Peter. I am positive this trip has made quite an impact on Peter and in time on Action Ministry as well.

IMG_2007 copyFaith and Peter together for the first time!

Peter Staff Fellowship copyPeter sharing his story at Bringing Hope to the Family’s staff meeting.


“Yesterday was my 25th birthday and next week will be my one-year anniversary of living in Uganda. In celebration of both of these milestones I would love to share with you my top three favorite things about life in Uganda!

The people: I have been so blessed with so many amazing friends here in Uganda. Between other volunteers, great people that work with me at BHTF, friends from church, or just people around the village, my life is full of wonderful people! The people here are what make living in Uganda great, and I know they are who I will miss the most when I leave.


The places: I have been fortunate enough to do some traveling around Uganda and East Africa this past year. I have seen lions, elephants, the Nile, the Indian Ocean, and many other amazing things that I know I will never forget. I have loved being able to see some of the awesome things that God has created.


The oddities: I feel like half of my life in Uganda is learning how to laugh at the crazy things you see, or the ridiculous situations you find yourself in. From crazy adventures in public transportation, to seeing livestock squealing down the road on the back of a boda (motorcycle), to being served grasshoppers at lunch, life is never normal and I have learned to appreciate to craziness.”



Next week we have a couple of volunteers that will be arriving in Mombasa, Kenya.  They will be volunteering with us in Kenya and Uganda for two months.  One of the volunteers, Paulina, is an optometrist from southern Mexico.  She will be working alongside Action Ministry staff, as well as, local optometrists as they hold multiple eye clinic outreaches at Blessed Camp.  Action Ministry is extremely excited to be able to provide this service to their community.  Optometry is an often overlooked, but desperately needed medical service.

Our volunteers will be working at Blessed Camp for four weeks before heading to work with Bringing Hope to the Family in Uganda for the remainder of their trip.  After speaking with Action Ministry staff we became aware of another opportunity to provide eye care while in Kenya.  Action Ministry also works in the western part of Kenya near the Ugandan boarder in a village called Got Osimbo.  Got Osimbo is Peter’s (Action Ministry’s director) home village.  We held a medical outreach there back in 2012 and have also helped them with various projects including a clean water well.

We are trying to raise $1000 to fund this five day outreach, as well as, help cover the cost of transporting a few Action Ministry staff members to help facilitate this outreach.  We hope to test 50 to 100 community members during this outreach and also to provide prescription glasses to those in need.

If you would like to get involved in funding this much needed eye clinic outreach in Got Osimbo please click HERE.

Thank you!


These beautiful children came for checkups at our 2012 Got Osimbo medical outreach.


Here, Paulina is checking a patient’s eyes at her office in Mexico.


It has been a fun, very busy several weeks for the US based Know Think Act team! We have had the awesome privilege of hosting Peter Ochiel of Action Ministry as he was our featured speaker at the This Is Love Banquet. Peter flew back to Kenya on Wednesday, and we wanted to share some of his adventures and a summary of his trip. So without further ado, here is a photo tour of Peter’s trip!

It started by getting put to work immediately upon landing, helping us build out the displays for the This Is Love Banquet. Peter was a champion and a tremendous help as we all got  the space ready for the event.






The hard work was amazing and the banquet was a great evening of learning more about Peter and his team’s work in Blessed Camp, Kenya. We were able to raise a lot of money for the feeding program for their community! If you’d like to give to that need, you have that opportunity here.




Two days following the banquet Peter got to fly to Indianapolis, IN to spend time with some of his friends at a church up there. They had a great visit and we are so glad that Peter could spend time with that church community who supports Action Ministry.

2013-05-04 15.38.32

2013-05-04 15.37.24

2013-05-05 11.32.59

Peter then got to spend some time just enjoying the Music City and being in the Know Think Act office, working on projects and collaborating with the team.

photo (3)

Peter then drove down to the Gulf Coast with Travis Gravette, to visit some churches and share more about the work that is happening at Blessed Camp, along with what the Sassers will be participating in when the join Peter in Kenya. Travis made sure that Peter got the full southern experience, even letting him participate in a Civll War reenactment.



As soon as Peter and Travis returned from the Gulf, we got to work on the Launch Party for the new! But first, we got to take Peter on a tour of the Tennessee Titans stadium, even taking him into the locker room. Peter loved learning more about American football and the “civility” of football fans vs soccer fans.

photo (1)


The night ended with the Launch Party and Peter got to again share about the tremendous work he and his team are doing, as well as just celebrate the new website! It gave him a chance to cut loose with the team and celebrate with friends.

photo (2)



We love when Peter visits us here in the United States and had a great time with him, but we also know he was excited to return home to Mombasa, Kenya and see his wife as they get ready to welcome their second baby boy in the world. Safe travels Peter, and we look forward to being with you again soon!