Action Ministry’s new administration office has come along way since this project began roughly two months ago.  The building has been constructed and is nearing completion.  Action Ministry’s staff can now use the upstair’s room to hold their staff meetings in. Having a permanent administration office at Blessed Camp is going to be a huge help to Action Ministry.  This will provide them with a central location to better care for the residents of Blessed Camp.

Still remaining to be completed are the ceilings and painting.  The budget for this project was $11,000.  So far we have been able to raise $10,000 towards it.  If you would like to help us raise the final $1,000 and finish this project you can donate by clicking the red “View Need” button at the top.

Thank you!

adminLooking good!

admin officeStaff meeting.

Friday is here again already.  There has been so much going on this week that Friday seemed to sneak up on me quite quickly. Seeing the progress within our partners and their surrounding communities week to week is an exciting privilege. But, without anymore delay here are some of our favorite shots from this week.

From Uganda:

photo 1

This photo was taken because of a detour. A friend and I were headed home when we found the path blocked by a large cow. Every cow in Uganda has horns (in Kenya the cows have humps) and this cow was sporting a very sharp looking pair. Normally cows in my path aren’t really an issue. I just skirt around them and continue on my way, but when I began walking towards this particular cow, it began pawing its hooves, jerking it’s head, and just generally looking aggressive. So I thought it wise to take a longer route home and I was rewarded with this beautiful view.

photo 2

My friend Bella often has an art club with the kids at Home Again. I was there Wednesday for art club and it was such a nice afternoon, watching the kids draw monkeys, lions, snails, and teddy bears.

From Kenya:

photo1 (1)

Our volunteer, Paulina, worked with a local eye center to cut lenses for glasses this week.


The roof is being installed on Action Ministry’s administration office today!

Thanks for joining us on the blog again. Have a great weekend.

Friday is here again.  With that comes another edition of Photo Friday.  Here are our favorite photos from this past week.

From Uganda:

photo 1

The landscape around Kaihura is absolutely beautiful! I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing the beautiful green hills, punctuated by red dirt roads. I never expected such lush scenery, I think I was anticipating more of a desert, but I’m certainly glad for the greenery.

photo 2

I think my favorite way to carry Josiah, and the kids at Home Again is by piggyback. I’m pretty sure I’m giving myself some sort of spinal damage, but it’s so fun to see how much they just enjoy riding piggyback.

From Kenya:

644 - Admin office 3

The second story slab of Action Ministry’s new admin office was poured earlier this week.


Kim and Paulina, our newest volunteers, arrived in Mombasa on Wednesday!

Thanks for joining us for another edition of Photo Friday.  Have a great weekend!



For those of you who have become accustomed to our Photo Friday blog post we apologize, but we are changing our topic for this week only. Rest assured Photo Friday will be back in action next week on Friday, March 21st.  But, today we are excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for our next Uganda Program Coordinator.  This will be a six-month internship where our Program Coordinator will be living and working in western Uganda.

Our Uganda Program Coordinator will be working day to day alongside Bringing Hope to the Family, which is our Know Think Act Partner in Kaihura, Uganda. This position is an exciting opportunity to be a part of our partner’s efforts to end extreme poverty in their community.  If you love to make a difference, to travel and to interact with people from different cultures this just might be the position for you.

Having lived in Uganda and worked with Bringing Hope for years we know and love them well.  Our current intern, Kate, has had such a wonderful time there that she ended up staying for a year.  It is a neat opportunity to fully invest a portion of your life into a community and allow the Lord to use you in amazing ways while He works in you!

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity or know someone who might be please download the application here: Uganda Program Coordinator.

We look forward to hearing from you!


You will be able to help Faith and Bringing Hope to the Family care for over 2000 children!

DSC_6487 copy

You will be able to build wonderful relationships while being a part of an amazing team!


You can get dirty (if you want to) while making a difference.

Kisangwa Well

You can help Bringing Hope to the Family provide clean water to communities in need.


You will have the opportunity to see amazing things!

scenary 1

Uganda is a beautiful country which so much to see!


You will have the opportunity to invest in Bringing Hope to the Family’s staff.


You will be helping Bringing Hope provide numerous children with the gift of an education.


You will be able to assist Bringing Hope to the Family in providing safe sleep to members of their community.

sack race

There will certainly be time to have fun with the children at Home Again Children’s Home!


You will make new friends while hosting and working alongside volunteer teams.




Today I want to introduce you to Catherine.

She was the BHTF most valuable staff for 2013. Catherine is very hard working, reliable, level headed, and a go-getter. We are so happy that she is working at BHTF and helping make a difference in her community.

Every Monday morning the staff of BHTF meets for a morning fellowship, a time of worship, devotion, and general announcements. The first fellowship of the year Faith talked about who we wanted to be as members of BHTF.We talked about the characteristics of a good worker, and a valuable employee, the qualities that made Catherine the staff of the year. Faith spoke about not only being good employees, but to focus this year on growing their relationships with God. To spend time in God’s word, to spend time in conversation with God. So we at BHTF are committing this year to strive to grow closer to God, and deepen our relationships with Him.