A few months ago, we introduced you to Joshua and Jonathan – 6-month-old twins who you helped when they most needed it.  Without a mother.  You helped them get diapers and formula.  Thank you.

They’re now almost one, and spend their days at Bringing Hope to the Family with fellow twins, Eva and Esther.  Eva and Esther’s mom died in childbirth, and their father cannot care for them.

These are four little lives that, when you support Bringing Hope, you make sure they can thrive by providing food, shelter, healthcare, and a loving caregiver.

Every dollar you give – whether to food, healthcare, pens & pencils, or a latrine that gives dignity to a young girl – is your investment in a life.  Thank you for helping these two and so many more!

Our volunteers, Kaity and Kim, are having a great time investing in the community at Blessed Camp. Kaity has been teaching the primary school teachers new games and activities that they can do with their students.  The children are having a blast participating in these activities.  Let’s jump right into the photos…

1 copy

Teacher says! (Simon got the boot.)

IMG_2855 (1) copy

Creation story color time! (and amazement)

IMG_2861 (1) copy

IMGP1301 copy

Don’t drop that ball!

IMGP1322 copy

Jump rope relay races!

IMGP1334 copy

IMGP1348 copy

Target practice! (The girls destroyed the boys in this game.)

IMGP1356 copy

This game had us in stitches.

Be sure to check in next time to see how Kim’s work with the ladies in the tailoring department in pressing on.

Thanks for joining us today!


tis_the_seasonI sincerely hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family.  Being surrounded by family, having plenty of ham (I know, I’m non-traditional!) to eat and watching the Seahawks beat the 49ers made for a perfect Thanksgiving for me.

Each year the Thanksgiving weekend ushers in the Holiday season which means that Christmas is right around the corner. The Christmas season is an opportunity for us to show our love for others, especially those less fortunate, through gifts.  As we at Know Think Act do each Christmas season we are coming alongside Bringing Hope to the Family to help them provide the children at Home Again Children’s Home with a wonderful Christmas.

The Christmas meal at Home Again is one of the few times a year that these children get plenty of meat and a soda with their meal. Christmas in Kaihura is an exciting time.  Christmas is also the only time of the year that the children get to go shopping and pick out a new outfit of clothing for themselves.  On top of that each child receives a new pair of shoes.  As in past years, we would like to offer you the opportunity to be a part of providing these children with a bright and merry Christmas this holiday season.

Here are 3 ways that you can join in on this Christmas blessing:

1. The Meal!

largeTo give to the meal use this link:

2. New Clothes!

large (1)To give towards new clothes for the children use this link:

3. New Shoes!

large (2)To give towards the children’s new shoes use this link:

We would like to thank you for partnering with us to bless the Children at Home Again Children’s Home with a wonderful Christmas season!


Friday is here again already.  There has been so much going on this week that Friday seemed to sneak up on me quite quickly. Seeing the progress within our partners and their surrounding communities week to week is an exciting privilege. But, without anymore delay here are some of our favorite shots from this week.

From Uganda:

photo 1

This photo was taken because of a detour. A friend and I were headed home when we found the path blocked by a large cow. Every cow in Uganda has horns (in Kenya the cows have humps) and this cow was sporting a very sharp looking pair. Normally cows in my path aren’t really an issue. I just skirt around them and continue on my way, but when I began walking towards this particular cow, it began pawing its hooves, jerking it’s head, and just generally looking aggressive. So I thought it wise to take a longer route home and I was rewarded with this beautiful view.

photo 2

My friend Bella often has an art club with the kids at Home Again. I was there Wednesday for art club and it was such a nice afternoon, watching the kids draw monkeys, lions, snails, and teddy bears.

From Kenya:

photo1 (1)

Our volunteer, Paulina, worked with a local eye center to cut lenses for glasses this week.


The roof is being installed on Action Ministry’s administration office today!

Thanks for joining us on the blog again. Have a great weekend.

Welcome back for another installment of Photo Friday. We have had a great week and we hope you enjoy this week’s photos.

From Uganda:

photo 1Faith has slowly been accumulating more and more animals to live at our house. This week we added a baby cow and a flock of baby ducklings, in addition to our dogs, cats, and chickens we are almost a real farm.

photo 2I stopped by the baby house at Home Again yesterday, and instead of finding a group of exploring toddlers, I was met with lots of napping babies. Anna and Ambassador were too sweet not to take a quick photo of.

From Kenya:

Skit copyOn Sunday our volunteer, Kim, began teaching drama to some of the members of Action Ministry Church. They really enjoyed it and shared many laughs!

car ride copyOn Monday we had the KTA van loaded to full capacity on our way to the optometry outreach. There’s always room for one more in Africa!

Thanks for joining us again. Have a great weekend!