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When we think about education, we often think of the transformation of one individual — one child goes to school and makes a better life for him or herself.  But what we’ve come to realize is that this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

When you support an individual through Know Think Act – when you support any project through Know Think Act – you do so much more than one thing. Remember the one well in Muzuno, Uganda we funded together in 2013? Here it stands today – fully functional, turned over to the Muzuno community, and supplying water to several young children at a nearby nursery school and kindergarten.

“Help us build one well” ended up bringing life to a community full of individuals, even supplying water to a school full of eager children.

So this fall, when we talk about funding the education of one individual (which you can do for an entire year with a ONE-TIME $140 donation in some cases!), don’t get caught up on the seeming “small-ness” of the need. What we’re really talking about is impacting an entire family, an entire community, an entire country.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 3.56.26 PM

We’re talking about Peter, one of seven siblings, who dreams of being a public administrator when he finishes his schooling. Donating towards Peter’s education is investing in Peter’s brothers and sisters and the community Peter will one day lead.

We’re talking about Berryl, who volunteers as a nursery instructor while pursuing her teaching degree so she can serve others even better through her education.

We’re talking about Marise, who intends to become a nurse so she can serve the city of Nairobi.

You have the opportunity with each individual need to impact individual lives, yes. But you also have the opportunity to impact hundreds – even thousands – of lives with your gift as well. For education is the gift the keeps giving, the gift that can’t be taken away. Take a look around the site today – we think you’ll find some pretty worthwhile investments.

An hour’s drive from any paved road in Uganda sits the village of Kyakiboyo. About 40 people live there. And for a long time, they have worked hard to find a source of clean water.

First, they worked together to build a water catchment pond, where they could collect rain water. But as you can see, the pond is stagnant – which means that it’s a breeding ground for water-borne illness.

The people of Kyakiboyo needed a well. And thanks to your support and their vision and hard work, they now have one.

On June 3rd, the water well was completed. Check out the difference!

Old Water SourceDone! 2


Welcome back for another edition of Photo Friday! We hope you have had a great week and we would like to update you on a great project completion for our partners in Uganda.

Bringing Hope to the Family, working with local community members, completed a new clean water well in the village of Mukono this week!

500 - Mukono Well 1This was Mukono’s water source prior to the well being constructed.

500 - Mukono Well 2The village of Mukono now has a brand new shallow pump well which will provide clean water for everyone in the village.

Thanks for joining us for this edition of Photo Friday.  Have a great weekend!


Hello, once again from Kaihura. It is wonderful to be able to write again. We have had quite a challenging last couple of weeks. First off, Katie and Paulina got malaria. Then Kolby and myself had malaria as well. (Kolby also had typhoid.) Kim didn’t want to be left out of the fun so she picked up typhoid. I am pleased to say that everyone is back to normal now except Kolby. He is still slowly on the mend.

To add to the excitement this past Saturday we lost our passports, computer, etc. (sound familiar?), but all thanks be to God, everything was returned to us on Sunday!

Also, Kim and Paulina are now back home after spending 2 months with us. We thoroughly enjoyed having them here and seeing God use and grow them over their time in Kenya and Uganda.

On Monday morning we had the opportunity to journey deep into the village (nearly and hours motorcycle drive each way) to dedicate and hand over a new well in the village of Kyente. Well ceremonies are always an exciting experience. Bringing clean water to a community that has never had it before is incredible. We are thrilled and honored to be a part of providing something so valuable to so many communities. God is good!

Kyente 1 copy

George, the local water engineer, is testing the clean water!

Kyente 3 copy

Prossy, from Bringing Hope, along with George, shared with the community the importance of keeping their new well area clean.


Living in Kaihura, working with Bringing Hope to the Family and Know Think Act has honestly been one of the best experiences of my life. The time I have spent in Uganda has been a time filled with new adventures, great friends, spiritual growth, and many great memories. Today I would live to share with you a few of these memories.

Spending Christmas day at Home Again has been one of my favorite days in Kaihura so far. I was a little anxious about spending Christmas away from my family, but when December 25th rolled around I had so much fun spending Christmas with my Bringing Hope family! Spending Christmas at Home Again, was a great reminder of how much better it is to give than to receive. There was no give exchange at the children’s home, instead we spent the afternoon having a crazy time engaging the kids in a series of games that we had spent the pervious week planning. I couldn’t have picked a better way to spend my Christmas, and I know that Christmas 2013 will be a day I will remember and treasure forever.


Sack races!


Christmas feast!

Prossy works as an administrator at Bringing Hope to the Family, and being part of her wedding to her, now husband, Julius was an honor. Being part of a Ugandan wedding was an amazing experience. It was filled with several wild traditions, most of which involve a lot of dancing from the bridal party. I was, also, truly glad to participate in Prossy and Julius’ special day because they are both such great people who live what they believe and work hard to create change in their community.

IMG_1664 IMG_1727

I will never forget the day that we dedicated the well in the community of Mbale. Through Know Think Act sponsorship Bringing Hope to the Family helps provide communities who don’t have access to clean water with wells that will pump clean water for all of the members of their community. The well in Mbale took about a week and a half to construct, and I visited several times during construction and, thankfully,  every time in sunny weather. However, on the day of the well dedication the sky decided to dump its contents down on us as we traveled the narrow, hilly, muds roads to Mbale only to get there and have to walk (in the rain) through the mud to where the well was located. We were met at the well by members of the community who were so thankful for the gift of clean water. Trekking through the mud and rain was well worth it just knowing that these people would now have access to clean water. We were then given two goats by the people of Mbale to show their gratitude.  Our goats were unceremoniously chucked in the back of the Bringing Hope van and they made the muddy (and now smelly) trip with us back to Kaihura! While I had never in my life wished to be given a goat, they came in handy a few weeks later when we feasted on them at Prossy’s wedding!


These are just a few of the amazing memories I have of my life in Kaihura, with Bringing Hope to the Family. I really believe that an internship in Kaihura is not only a great service to others, but it can also be an awesome, life changing experience for you too! Know Think Act is currently accepting applications for the internship position in Kaihura, Uganda, and based on my own experiences, I would highly recommend this internship as a time that will change your life!

Download the internship application here.