Roger was born about five years ago as a healthy baby but at a few months old he began to develop problems with the skin on his face and started having trouble seeing. Roger’s mother began visiting different clinics and hospitals trying to see a doctor who could tell her what was wrong with her son. On one of these taxi rides to a clinic, she met someone who referred her to Hope Again Medical Center. Although Hope Again could not help Roger with what would eventually be diagnosed as cancer Roger and his mother have become parts of BHTF.

Roger’s father left him and his mother when Roger began to get ill, so BHTF and KTA stepped in and began to help Roger with his medical expenses. For years Roger has been going back and forth to Kampala to see the best specialists, have skin grafts, and get general checkups. While the doctors did everything they could to keep Roger’s skin cancer from spreading, he eventually had to have one of his eyes removed, and has now lost the sight in his remaining eye. The cancer that has invaded Roger’s little body has refused to leave, and the doctors told his mother on her last visit to Kampala that they couldn’t get rid of the cancer, and there was nothing else to be done.

Know Think Act and their ministry partners believe that every life is incredibly valuable. We are all made in God’s image and have extreme worth to our creator. What I love so much about the founding story of action Ministry is that upon arriving in the community of lepers, people who had been cast out by society, Peter Ochiel didn’t first begin with treating their physical needs (he did that later), he began by reaching out to individuals and telling them that they had value, that God loved them and they had incredible worth.

While it is heartbreaking to know that Roger will never be free of this cancer, this post isn’t about being sad or mourning Roger. He is still very much alive and full of love and fun. We want to celebrate his life and the joy he has brought to those around him. We also want to thank everyone that has given in support of Roger for seeing the value in his story and in his life.

We had another successful day at Blessed Camp today.  Our volunteer, Kim, held her first crocheting class this afternoon.  She had a great turnout and the ladies were very excited to learn.

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Brighten, the local optometrist assisting Paulina, brought the frames today in order to fit those who need glasses. We also had a few pairs of glasses that had prescription lenses in them which suited the needs of 3 patients.

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Mwanasiti was able to receive her prescription glasses today. She was thrilled!

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Fatuma received sunglasses today.  She has scratches on her eyes from a past surgery that makes sunlight extremely painful to her eyes.

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Many of the leprosy patients from Blessed Camp will be receiving much needed glasses!

There is still time to help fund our upcoming eye clinic in western Kenya. Details can be found here: Got Osimbo Optometry Outreach.

Thanks for reading and keep checking back for more updates from our adventures at Blessed Camp.

Things were hopping around Action Ministry today.  Classes resumed at Action Primary School after their month long break. With this came all the excitement and laughter that is bundled up inside 35 young children. This also provided Paulina with plenty of eyes to check!

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Here the Primary 2 class is working on their first assignment of the new term.

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Paulina checked the student’s eyes today.

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Mwanasiti, who had a stoke just over a month ago, came to get her eyes checked as well.

Kim along with our new friend Micah, who is volunteering from Holland, worked on prototypes for their crocheting classes. They were also pleasantly surprised to find out that Beryl, a member of this community who is helping with the eye clinics, already knows how to crochet and can help out with the lessons. Their hopes are that crocheting can be incorporated with other current handcraft items in order to create new income generating possibilities.

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Kim showing off one of her prototypes

Also, the second-story walls on Action Ministry’s administration office were going up today. Action Ministry is truly excited to be getting closer to finally having an established office space at Blessed Camp.

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The new admin office

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Up with the walls!

With new sight for many coming soon, a new school term beginning and a new admin office on the way there are endless possibilities for Action Ministry and the community at Blessed Camp. We praise God for the opportunity to be a part of it.

We are still trying to fund our upcoming eye clinic in western Kenya. If you would like to help fund this outreach please follow this link: Got Osimbo Optometry Outreach.

On Monday we held our first eye clinic at Blessed Camp. It was an excellent first day. The rains held many people back, but those that really needed to be there came and are thankful for it.

One older gentleman, as far as we could tell, had never had glasses before. His reaction confirmed our speculation. When Paulina first put a corrective lens to his right eye he jerked a bit and said, “Ahhh!” It was apparent that he had no idea what he had been missing all these years.

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Twelve of the sixteen patients seen today were in real need of corrective lenses.  One of the patients that was not in need of glasses had a challenge of his own.  This young man had been in a motorcycle accident three days ago and had a corneal abrasion.  Basically, he had a splinter in his eye.  Paulina, with the help of Brighten, a local optometrist here in Mombasa, was able to remove the splinter.  I cringe at the thought of having a small piece of wood stuck in my eye.  I was so impressed with Brighten’s steady hand as he removed the splinter.

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We are  looking forward to continuing these clinics at the Blessed Camp all this week and in the slums of Mombasa next week.  We are excited to have the opportunity to shine Christ’s love to those in need and prayerfully be able to speak into the lives of our patients at the same time.

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As these clinics continue we are still trying to raise funding for our third outreach location which will be in western Kenya.  If you would like to be a part of making that outreach happen please click this link: Got Osimbo Eye Outreach.

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Last week I stopped by Everest’s new house to check in and play some UNO, and the Everest I saw there is a totally different person from the Everest I first met last summer. When I first saw Everest he was on one of the dirtiest beds I have ever seen in the dirtiest hospital I have ever been in. I was with Faith when she went to meet Everest, another NGO had asked Bringing Hope to the Family to help him and his family. Everest is paralyzed from the chest down and was found with extremely infected open wounds on his legs, so bad that rats had been gnawing on them at night. When I first saw Everest I saw someone who seemed hopeless.

Now, Everest’s legs are healed, he is working with Village Art making baskets for the craft shop, he is in a new home that was beautifully decorated by some volunteers, and his future is looking bright! Soon Everest will be getting a brace and wheelchair so he can get up and move around. I just can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Everest!