Today Katie, Chris and I visited Blessed Camp for their weekly planning meeting with some of the Action Ministry staff. It was great to get to know their staff and hear their vision for Action Ministry.

Right now Action Ministry consists of Action Church, Action Clinic,and Action School that teaches 1st through 3rd grade. Action Ministry was formed to minister to the community of leprosy victims that live in an area south of Mombasa. It is so encouraging to see how much the Action Ministry staff has done for this community, and how invested they are in bringing the love of God to those who suffer from leprosy, when much of the rest of the world had written them off.

It was super exciting to hear what future plans there are for Action Ministry, from income generating projects to leadership development classes, I’m so excited to see what God has in store for Blessed Camp and Action Ministry!

Who knows exactly what the future has in store for Action Ministry, but whatever it is I am so glad to be partnering with a ministry who loves God, loves people, and is committed to making a difference in the lives of those around them.

photo 1
Peter and Peter taking some notes during the weekly planning meeting.

photo 2
A very fun looking, and empty (school is in break right now) classroom at Action School.

photo 3
A group photo of myself, the Sasser family, the Action Ministry staff, and Mary who is visiting from Kaihura!

We hope that this last week of March has been a great one for everyone! This week has been a good one for both Action Ministry in Kenya and Bringing Hope to the Family in Uganda, and we would love to share some of our favorite photos from this week with you!

From Kenya:

Cutting loose

Children from Action School at Blessed Camp completely cutting loose with their own reflections!


As other children are enamored with their own reflections, Shamim (the little girl in front) throws me an adorable. yet inquisitive, look.

From Uganda:


Home Again just welcomed triplets into the baby house. Eve, Esther, and Eleanor’s mother died during childbirth and their father is unable to care for them. They were brought to Home Again yesterday from the hospital, and were promptly washed, diapered, swaddled up, and put to bed. Here is Eleanor sleeping peacefully in her new home at Home Again.

IMG_0800Today I would like to introduce you to Sam! Sam is five years old an lives at Home Again. If Sam were an animal he would most definitely be a monkey, he is always climbing on everything at Home Again, most especially people. Sam will jump on your back, and always answer “I’m fine, thanks” when you ask him how he is is his squeaky little voice. Sam is also HIV positive.

To me Sam is a perfect example of what Bringing Hope to the Family is and why they do what they do. Bringing Hope was began to help give hope and a new life to the HIV positive people living in and around Kaihura. Soon after Faith founded Bringing Hope she began Home Again to give a home to the children in the community who didn’t have one, at the beginning most of theses children were from families affected by HIV/AIDS. A few years later Hope Again Medical Clinic was started to treat the children living at Home Again who were HIV positive, as well as those in Kaihura who were also HIV positive.

Today Bringing Hope has grown much more than Faith Kunihira ever would have imagined, Home Again is home to around 90 children, both HIV positive and negative, and Hope Again Medical Center is able to treat any number of ailments.

When I think of Sam though, I am reminded of why Bringing Hope began, and how it continues to reach out to those who feel they have no hope, slowly empowering and changing the community around them.



When I first visited Home Again I was surprised to find out that not all of the children living there are orphans, many of the children living there come from families who cannot care for their children anymore. What BHTF hopes is that all of their children who have a family will, eventually, be resettled with their family. Home Again exists to provide and loving, caring home environment for their children, but they ultimately believe that children with existing families should be eventually reunited with their families.

Josiah was one such child. He was brought to Home Again two years ago because his mother became very ill, and his parents was unable physically, and financially to care for him. I only met Josiah last year, but he is one of the sweetest little boys I’ve ever met, I rarely saw him upset, or sad, he was always ready to play, or just chill on your lap.

Josiah left Home Again about two weeks ago. His mother has recovered, and his parents are in a position where they can properly care for him again. Everyone in BHTF will miss Josiah, but we are so happy that he is now back with his family!



Christmas is an exciting time, and it is especially exciting around Home Again with everyone getting into the Christmas festivities! We have been putting up trees and shopping for Christmas clothes. Every year all the kids at Home Again load up in the BHTF van and drive to Fort Portal to pick out some Christmas clothes. Every day this week a van of Home Again residents has ventured out in search of new Christmas clothes.

Home Again has also been given a Christmas makeover, two of the three houses at Home Again put their Christmas trees this week (the baby house didn’t put a tree up). It has been so much fun seeing all of the kids getting excited about the holiday season, and we want to thank everyone so much who gave to make Home Again Christmas possible.

christmas time blog (4)

The Christmas tree at Shalom House! The kids loved putting all of the homemade decorations on their tree!

christmas time blog (3)

Shopping for Christmas clothes at the market.

christmas time blog

Can you spot Matthew in the tree? He wanted to make sure the top had decorations too.

christmas time blog (2)

Buying new shoes for Christmas!

christmas time blog (1)

The outside tree at Home Again, and Mark making a face.

Thank you!