Action Ministry’s new administration office has come along way since this project began roughly two months ago.  The building has been constructed and is nearing completion.  Action Ministry’s staff can now use the upstair’s room to hold their staff meetings in. Having a permanent administration office at Blessed Camp is going to be a huge help to Action Ministry.  This will provide them with a central location to better care for the residents of Blessed Camp.

Still remaining to be completed are the ceilings and painting.  The budget for this project was $11,000.  So far we have been able to raise $10,000 towards it.  If you would like to help us raise the final $1,000 and finish this project you can donate by clicking the red “View Need” button at the top.

Thank you!

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admin officeStaff meeting.


We are so excited to welcome the Sasser family back to Kaihura tomorrow! After being gone for almost a year the Sassers are bringing a volunteer team back to Kaihura, and everyone here will be so happy to see them! This trip is especially exciting because Peter Ochiel the founder and director of Action Ministry, where the Sasser family is currently serving will be coming to Kaihura as well.This will be the first time Peter and Faith will meet and we are so excited for these two amazing people to be able to meet, share ideas, and learn from each other. This is going to be a great time of visiting, sharing, learning, and giving, and we can’t wait!


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The administration building at BHTF is slowly getting nicer and nicer. Moving from the cramped building into our new admin building was an amazing improvement! There is room to spread out (no more multiple people sharing a desk), the internet is super fast up on the hill where the building is, and we are so thankful for everyone who gave to make the admin building a reality. Even though the admin staff has moved into the new building, there is still construction going on almost every day to finish the remainder of the rooms and put the final touches on the building. Today we got steps leading up to the front door! This is a major improvement, because before the steps there was just a pretty steep dirt ramp that becomes mildly perilous when it rained. BHTF is continuously working to finish and improve the admin building, I can’t wait to share with you what new improvement will come next!

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I love to hear Faith tell her story. Every time a volunteer team is here I get Faith to tell them the story of how she started BHTF, so even though I’ve heard it several times, it is still amazing to hear how God led her to where she is now.

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Faith grew up in Kaihura but moved to away once she had finished school to work on the opposite side of Uganda. She had a good job, and she used most of her money to help support her mother and educate her younger siblings. When she would visit Kaihura she saw a community that was struggling to survive. There was no where to access clean water in the community, no electricity, and very limited access to health care. Faith also describes this a time in Kaihura when AIDS had taken over. Western Uganda has one of the highest percentages of HIV/AIDS in the country, and with better access to medical care people living with HIV/AIDS can go on with their lives normally, but before there was medical care, AIDS was a visible, prevalent, destructive disease.

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Faith never wanted to be in ministry. Every minister she knew was living in extreme poverty, and though she had grown up very poor, she had worked hard in school to get a good job, and she did not want to go back to being in extreme poverty. But after one of her visits back to the village, she felt very strongly that God was telling her to quit her job and come back to Kaihura and help the people there. When she is telling you the story she always says that was the beginning of her great battle with God. She did not want to sink back into poverty, especially with her mother and siblings depending on her. So she didn’t quit her job, at first, but the longer she stayed there the more God began to almost pester her to quit. She obeyed, quit her stable, good paying job, and took the bus back to Kaihura. When she got here she set up shop in two small rooms on the main road in Kaihura, and started visiting families who had been affected by HIV/AIDS. And from there things began to take shape, Faith never intended to create a children’s home, but when people began to bring her orphans to care for, Home Again was founded. Hope Again Primary School started in an effort to provide quality education for the children living at Home Again, and Hope Again Medical Center was started to provide HIV/AIDS care for the children at Home Again and the people in the community. Hope Academy has since grown to have more children from the community than from Home Again, and Hope Again is now a full medical clinic, instead of just an HIV/AIDS treatment facility. Click the links above to see the needs of each department for Bringing Hope to the Family.

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What I love about hearing Faith’s story is that she didn’t plan for any of this, it wasn’t her dream to start BHTF. She let God plan her life, and because of that BHTF is able to make a tremendous impact in their community.

– Kate




One of the most dynamic programs that Know Think Act has had the pleasure of coming alongside is that of Village Art. Village Art was created to be a sustainability program for Brining Hope to the Family in Kaihura, Uganda. Village Art consists of a tailoring school, salon (hair dressing, mani-pedis, etc), catering, bridal boutique, and a brand new cafe where you can get a pastry and some delicious coffee.


The program has grown over the years, and in particular the bridal boutique has always stood out. Many rural Ugandans do not have the opportunity to get married, whether it be because of money, life circumstances, or other events that make them think that they aren’t able to have a wedding ceremony. Village Art wanted to address this, and has opened the first-of-its-kind bridal boutique in rural Uganda, which allows women to come and rent a wedding dress (instead of having the weight of purchasing it), along with the necessary accessories!

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Recently, a woman named Leslie teamed up with the I do… I do Bridal Boutique of Morristown, NJ and together they donated 56 dresses to be hand-delivered by an upcoming volunteer team! 56 different dresses that were donated with such love by women, for women! I do… I do… were able to donate 30 dresses and the other 26 were able to be purchased thanks to the generous financial donation made by Robert & Beatrice Webster. These dresses are such an amazing blessing to the community and to Village Art and to the women who will now have the opportunity to wear them.


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Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to make the Village Art program not only a reality, but a destination location for many of the surrounding villagers, and thank you to the women who have selflessly donated their dresses for the women of Kaihura and beyond. The wedding bells are already starting to chime…